Black iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case (5.5)

Black iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case (5.5)

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  • Made from Synthetic Leather
  • 2 x Credit card slots and magnetic closing clasp.
  • Secure clip on plastic shell with opening to all connections and controls
  • Case folds into a stand for watching movies or photo frame
  • Perfect Fit, Smart and intelligent design allow you to plug the charger, and access all iPhone 6 features without removing the case.

This iPhone 6 Leather case is made from combination of synthetic leather and plastic. The device simply clicks into the Inner plastic shell, which securely holds the it in place allowing maximum exposure to the device without having to remove the case. The case has 2 credit card compartments and unfolds into a horizontal stand (perfect for watching movies or to be used as a picture stand). The magnetic closing clasp securely holds the front flap closed. This case also comes with a free screen protector and cloth.