Galaxy S6 Edge Transparent Silicone Case and Glass Screen Protector

Galaxy S6 Edge Transparent Silicone Case and Glass Screen Protector

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  • 100% Visual Transparency non sticky silicone (with no frosted Inside)
  • Supper Thin 0.3mm Silicone case with a non slip finish
  • Comes together with a Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Perfect for protecting your Samsung Galaxy S6 against dust, scratches, cracks and other damage.
  • Perfect Fit, Smart and intelligent design allow you to plug the charger, and access all phone features without removing the case.

The Supper Thin Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This is the thinnest silicone case available anywhere. It is approximately 0.3mm thick. Unlike other plastic ultra thin cases, this case has a gloss non slip finish and a 0.3mm lip which means that when rested on a flat surface, the devices screen will not be touching the surface. Case is designed to protect your Samsung Galaxy S6 phone, and is made of a high quality, high durability tough TPU gel. This case has a quality feel and provides excellent grip, standing out from the crowd with a new look for your Phone. Easy installation, perfectly fitting whilst keeping all the accessibility of ports and buttons. The case clips on to the back of your phone, providing protection whilst maintaining a slim and stylish design of the phone. This case comes together with a tempered glass screen protector.