iPhone 6 Plus Leather Camouflage Case (5.5)

iPhone 6 Plus Leather Camouflage Case (5.5)

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  • 3 credit card slots on the back of the case

  • Made from High quality TPU Silicone and Leather

  • Comes with premium quality tempered glass screen protector

  • Opening to all connections and controls

  • Perfect Fit, Smart and intelligent design allow you to plug the charger, and access all iPhone 5 features without removing the case.

This iPhone 6 Leather case is made from combination of premium stitched leather and impact absorbent silicone TPU. The device simply clicks into the silicone shell, which securely holds it in place allowing maximum exposure to the device without having to remove the case. As the main shell is made from TPU, it is incredibly impact absorbent and perfect for protecting your device against drops and bumps. The case is surrounded with camouflage patterned leather. The inside of the case is lined with soft suede leather to protect your device from damage caused by dust. The case has 2 credit card slots (3 for iPhone 6 plus version) on the back, turning the case into a compact wallet/card holder.This case comes in a retail box/packaging together with a tempered glass screen protector for ultimate protection.

This tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 6 is a must-have for anyone who wants to protect their phones screen against scratches or any other damage. The screen protector fits perfectly over the iPhone 6 to prevent scratches and absorb shocks. This screen protector is adhered to phones with a silicon adhesive to keep it in place. The transparent screen protector fits perfectly over top of the iPhone's touch screen, leaving no gaps in between so that sensitivity is not affected. Additionally, the screen protector is covered in an oleo phobic coating to prevent fingerprints and other smudges. These screen protector is the only screen protector you can buy on eBay, that is not only scratch resistant, but also shatter resistant.